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Re: Complete Farscape on DVD Nov 17

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Since you just finished it... Tell me if the last 6-7 eps for season 4 weren't great. Somehow, I feel, s3 gets all the love and the last half of s4 gets none. While I think they are comparable - but most fans think otherwise.

I know.... I'm looking for external validation... Pathetic...

Still - anybody? I can't be the only one...
I'll be honest. I like Season 4 a lot more than Season 3, but it took me rewatching it several times to realize it.
Thanks RojoHen

Ah - Sweet Validation, at last I found thee!!

Unlike Highlander, There can't be only One in this case!

Re S4 - the initial Arnessk arc is very important to the Mini. It's just that they treated it in a way that's an incomprehensible mess. Since they had to condense the potential s5 into a Mini - maybe they thought they would have time to "redeem" the Arnessk arc and make it more pivotal in early s5 and then lead into the PKW-mini storyline. Alas - it was not to be.
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