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Re: Summer 2010 catalogue details

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You wrote: "their solicitations are included in the Gallery Books catalogue", but I thought we were getting more than just this fake timeline Trek.
It's all fake, you know. They're just stories.
Yeah, I know. And in a few years, I will probably read these. Right now, I don't want a petulant boy Spock or a deliquent boy Kirk. I like the old dignified ones that I'm used to. It's part of getting old. Sorry. It just takes older people longer to adjust to change.

It's good to see you guys have more work coming out, and I hope for your all to get a lot of royalties as S&S milks the current fad of totalling altering characters, which has done so much to get new audiences for Batman and X-Men. My hope is that, like all fads, this too shall pass, and you guys can get back to writing about the dignified grown-up characters we have loved for the last 40 years.
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