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Re: Summer 2010 catalogue details

The cover approach is pretty much what I expected. Looks pretty good, and certainly makes it clear that the books are tied to the movie.

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Simon & Schuster have released their Summer 2010 catalogues, which are intended for booksellers for advanced solicitation purposes. As always with these catalogues, the information contained within them should not be considered final, and things may (and probably will) change before release.
Oh, absolutely. I can guarantee that is not the final blurb for Seek a Newer World, nor is it particularly accurate.

So, there you have it. It is clear that the last two covers are not quite final - they lack the same logo as the first two.
How do you know it's the last two that aren't final? If anything, my guess would've been that the later covers represent a more developed stage of the process. Or it could be that they're all going to be tweaked further.

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You wrote: "their solicitations are included in the Gallery Books catalogue", but I thought we were getting more than just this fake timeline Trek.
It's all fake, you know. They're just stories.
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