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Summer 2010 catalogue details

Simon & Schuster have released their Summer 2010 catalogues, which are intended for booksellers for advanced solicitation purposes. As always with these catalogues, the information contained within them should not be considered final, and things may (and probably will) change before release.

As was announced a few months back, a new imprint, Gallery Books, has been formed by S&S as a combination of Simon & Schuster Entertainment and the hardcover/trade paperback imprints of Pocket. The mass market paperbacks remain under the Pocket Books/Pocket Star Books banner, but their solicitations are included in the Gallery Books catalogue.

The catalogue (PDF link) therefore contains the covers and blurbs for several forthcoming Star Trek releases, specifically the novels based on the 2009 movie.

Star Trek: Refugees by Alan Dean Foster

In this new novel from the New York Times bestselling author of the Star Trek movie tie-in, Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise must decide if a group of refugees are actually a menace–or just misunderstood.

When a strange distress call comes in and Kirk orders the
Enterprise to answer it, they encounter a large colony ship of refugees under attack. Unable to convince the Dre'kalk to cease fire, Kirk engages them and drives off heir ships. The refugees–the Perenores, a race of furry bisymmetrical people–are starving, battered, and many are injured. Their ship wandered off course and their fuel and food is running out, so Kirk and the crew find a place for these displaced refugees. But just two months later, the Barran are threatening the Federation with war for protecting the Perenore menace. But Kirk and Spock are puzzled, the Perenores are peaceful people, what could have happened?
Star Trek: Seek a Newer World by Christopher L. Bennett

When the Enterprise is outnumbered and under attack, the crew manages to escape and discovers an entire hidden civilization in this exciting new original Star Trek novel.

Stung by Nero's escape, the Klingons are looking to salvage their pride by besting the ship that took him down: Enterprise. Command has assigned Kirk to observe and watch how the new captain performs his duties. A boring expedition becomes a fight for survival as the Klingons attack, outnumber, and outflank the young captain and his Enterprise crew. But just as the Enterprise escapes, the crew comes across an entire civilization of worlds within worlds hidden in a radiation belt of a large planet. A civilization so powerful that they can create all this? Kirk wonders just what are they hiding from and will do whatever it takes to find out.
Star Trek: More Beautiful Than Death by David Mack

An all-new adventure featuring the new Enterprise crew on a mission to broker a Federation trade agreement, from critically acclaimed Star Trek author David Mack.

Captain Kirk leads the crew of the Enterprise on a mission to Akiron, a world known for its rich dilithium deposits and isolationist government. Aboard is Spock's father, Ambassador Sarek, who is hoping to set up a trade agreement for the Federation with the planet. Pleased that the Federation has entrusted him with this mission, Kirk pledges everyone on Enterprise will grant the ambassador their full cooperation. Spock is happy to see his father and his Vulcan staff putting the destruction of their world behind them. But Sarek, however, has a secondary agenda while on board Enterprise...
Star Trek: The Hazards of Concealing by Greg Cox
(note that this title has changed slightly...)

An all-new adventure featuring the new Enterprise crew–from New York Times bestselling author Greg Cox.

The events of the recent movie have left one important loose end: the elder Spock from the 24th century. His knowledge of both technology and future events makes him one of the most important strategic assets in the galaxy. Starfleet Command wants Ambassador Spock to rejoin Starfleet and share that information with them, but Spock is reluctant to interfere with the unfolding of the new timeline. Will he be able to escape a sinister plan wrought by the enemies of the Federation, or will their quest to exploit Spock's wisdom succeed, with disastrous consequences?
So, there you have it. It is clear that the last two covers are not quite final - they lack the same logo as the first two. Overall, I much prefer the cover of Hazards, and would think a unified cover style with that as its basis, leading off the original teaser posters as it does, might have been a better approach.

And the stories seem much more appealing than they did with those half-grammatical one-liners from Amazon a few weeks ago
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