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Re: Netflix and Warner Brothers Reach Deal

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Sounds like a good deal for Netflix, and a good deal for Warner Bros. But this doesn't sound like a good deal for Netflix users. Having to wait a whole month before being able to rent 'new' releases? Well, Blockbuster could always use the extra business.
I put movies in the queue when they're in theaters and forget about them. Six months later, they show up in my rental column. If it's seven months, I doubt I'll notice.

My queue is maxed out.
My queue is currently 252 titles. It fluctuates but hasn't gone much below 200. If it's perpetually at that level, why would I care when anything arrives? I'll probably DIE with 200 freaking DVDs unwatched. What a depressing thought.

Oh no, here's a worse thought. Whenever I die, even if it's 50 years from now, what if there's a Star Trek movie due out in a year or two? What if there's a Star Trek series and I'll miss the end. Now I can't die!
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