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THOR And PIRATES 4 Take Advantage Of SPIDER-MAN 4 delay

Yoink! And just like that, THOR and PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 4 took advantage of SPIDER-MAN 4 being put on hold due to script problem. The other day, Sony said that the release date May 5th, 2011 for our friendly neighborhood’s fourth installment has become unlikely and so the man with the mighty hammer took the slot. Marvel Studios and Paramount has moved THOR from May 20th to two weeks earlier than scheduled, May 6th, 2011…

Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer Films didn’t wanna be left out of the competition, Jack Sparrow’s fourth adventure PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: ON STRANGERS TIDE which was previously set for just summer 2011 noticed that THOR has left and it now occupies May 20th, 2011

This is awesome. Both Thor and Pirates early. I really hope Sony ends up delaying Spider-man 4 because it sounds like they really need the time to work on the script.

This reminds me of the whole TDK exploding at the boxoffice, which pushed back HBP nearly a year, which moved Twilight up three weeks earlier.
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