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Re: Complete Farscape on DVD Nov 17

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Since you just finished it... Tell me if the last 6-7 eps for season 4 weren't great. Somehow, I feel, s3 gets all the love and the last half of s4 gets none. While I think they are comparable - but most fans think otherwise.

I know.... I'm looking for external validation... Pathetic...

Still - anybody? I can't be the only one...
I loved them, as well as the beginning of S4. I had forgotten much of the first 13 episodes. Truth be told theres really not one episode of Farscape I hate. Yeah a few went a little to campy but it always fell into place at the last moement and got dramatic and serious again.

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Trent - Any thoughts on S1's end-of-season arc?
I generally enjoyed it. I didn't find "A Bug's Life" as rave-worthy as others had suggested, but the duology on the Gammak Base and the finale itself were good. "Bone to be Wild"... I think it would have been a solid episode elsewhere, but a planet-of-the-week story in the middle of the arc felt rather out of place. I guess overall I prefer episodes that deal with the broader setting of the series (the more space operatic elements, perhaps) than yet another episode where something makes people on Moya act crazy. Again.

Thinking more about the first half of the second season, something that's been consistently bugging me is Crichton: he seems to be perma-pissed, always shouting and closed-off. The sense of wonder and discovery, and the productive value of the outsider role, seem to have vanished. I suppose it makes sense in light of his experiences at the end of last season, but there's a problem when your lead character and only human isn't, well, particularly humane. Right now it's Zhaan and Chiana with whom I find myself sympathizing the most.

Fictitiously yours, Trent Roman

Well Critchton had been away from earth the better part of 4 years. He knew the universe now. He couldnt be a fish out of water forever. He was pissed the last half of season 4 as well as the mini. He now had Areyn and he was trying to protect her and her their baby. Nothing really surprised Crithcton any longer. Getting back to earth mid season showed the audience how he really changed. Earth seemed small to him now. His character had adapted but he still had his human qualities.
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