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Re: Movies Seen in 2010

First free movie screenin' of 2010 was last night at the Regal Arbor!

I went to go see Jeff Bridges in Crazy Heart. It was alright, not great, story about a never was country musician that tries to redeem himself late in life. The best things I can say about the movie are that the same song isn't played over & over again, which can happen a lot in movies about musicians/bands, and it doesn't have a Hollywood endin'.

Last night was my second trip to a theater this year - last weekend, the girlfriend & I went to see Avatar at the IMAX.

Next week, I've got passes ready for The Lovely Bones and Extraordinary Measures, though I'd rather see The Book of Eli, if I can get a pass for it.

So, the start of my 2010 list!

- In Theaters -
Avatar (IMAX)
Crazy Heart*

*movies seen at free advanced screenings
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