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Re: Complete Farscape on DVD Nov 17

Well after 49 days I finished watching all of Farscape. After a wait of 6.5 years I finally got to watch the last 9 episodes of season 4. They were new to me.(I had missed them because I had fallen asleep and didnt want to continue watching until I had seen everything, since the show was so arc based by that time)
I really enjoyed them. I also finally got to watch the PKW. Without really spoiling anything John really seemed to take charge in the last few eps of season 4 as well as the mini.

The mini really did a good job of maintaining continuity with story and sets. The show had been out of production for over a year so sets had to be rebuildt and actors brought back. There are some minor quibbles but thats to be expected when a show is abruptly cancelled after a cliffhanger. Moya looks slightly different. They of course couldnt rebuild everything, so we mostly see quarters, the comm, and hallways.(It took them 4 years to accumulate all the different sets for her and Im sure budget wouldnt allow for everything to be rebuilt)
Also pilots voice sounded more like Lani Tupi than ever. He has stated that a different sound guy came on for the mini which probably explains the different mixing on the voice. Other than those two things the mini tied the show up nicely. They had 180 minutes to tell a seasons worth of stories. It was nicely done. I had a mixture of happiness and sadness though to FINALLY see it end.
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