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Re: Star Trek Concordance -- One More Time!

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Don't count on much regarding the new movie. Nothing lines up with anything outside of that abominable film, so if there is any mention, it will be in its own, self-contained section, safely away from the rest of the Star Trek universe.

Just like the film itself.
Oh really? Try the USS Kelvin (that was bigger than the TOS Enterprise)and the stuff in Spock Prime's mindmeld with Kirk, that recounts prime-universe events.
It's still debatable whether "Spock Prime" and the Kelvin are even from the mainline Star Trek universe in the first place (I'm in the camp that, between the tech discrepancies with the Kelvin and Spock's behavior, it's obnoxiously clear that the whole thing is one big alternate timeline which doesn't come near the established continuity).

I'd love to hear what Bjo thinks of the new film, good or bad.
I'm sure the subject will come up.

And I hope she does away with the nonsensical 'cosmos' section and sticks all the planets in the main Ency.
That's her call. My job is simply to put it into a more pleasing format (more akin to the '76 Ballantine version, minus the wheel -- haven't figured out how to get a newer version to work).
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