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Re: Star Trek: Restoration - Onyx

Cap'n, I just dont even know what to say, really... Maybe I should go with something that I dont think anyone has come right out and said yet: The crew of the Redemption is one fcuked up bunch of people. I mean, they're intrepid and interesting and complicated and compelling and sexy (I'm gay and even I sense right off that Astrid is smokin', especially in the fight scene---I'm picturing Jessical Beal for a look, but I'm not certain she has the acting chops; thoughts?), but let us call a spade a spade here: These people are one dark and twisted, awesome menagerie of nuts. What excellent brain candy!

Best thing: Your antagonists and your joint protagonist-antagonists are all likable people. I'm wondering just where you did it exactly---where you engineered my connection to this or that character---or if the creep of narrative seduction is so diffuse as to defy parsing. Astrid will be up to all sorts of no-good, but I LIKE her. She's smart, devious, devoted, calculating, often ruthless, committed, and she tosses fully grown men across rooms!

I really like the women in this story: Kalara, Turner, Astrid, Le'Yet, even Benjamini. What guy just walks up to women like this and asks then on a date?... Well, Colin Groves, perhaps! A friend of mine (a keenly intelligent, smokin' hot woman) told me that one reason she dated several guys who could be kinda dickie was that the nicer guys all seemed terrified of her.

Oh by the way, for Jasto Dax, for now, I'm thinking James Franco. I've seen him do creepy, nutty, seductive, multiple personality, and he's good. And he's young and good looking, and surprisingly good at pulling off "vulnerable," which is all how I imagine Jasto. (Jasto has, in the words of a "cougar," "the invigling scent of 'wounded boy'.")

I cant WAIT to see Ba'el's reaction to Jasto's confession. Although, thinking on it, I bet Astrid might not want that confession to happen. I mean, how would they explain why Jast chose to harass Astrid, of all the people onboard Redemption? Such a question might prompt an intrepid investigator to do some deep checking into these people's past. dum dum dum DUM!!!!!....

You're cookin' with gas, here, Joel. In the words of Claudia the Girl-Vampire, "I want some more!"
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