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Common File Format - THE standard format for digital delivery

Not just for movies, this will become ubiquitous just like the cinemas now have a standard delivery format for digital project movies - DCI Digital Cinema Systems' audio & video & file format spcs for a DCDM = Digital Cinema Distribution Master

this is going to be coming for sure with any new Trek TV series now that there is a agreed standard.

A consortium of Hollywood studios and major technology and consumer electronics companies have agreed on a standard format and digital delivery ecosystem for movies, a move aimed at enabling consumers to watch digitally delivered video content on a broad range of devices regardless of which retailer they purchase those digital downloads and rentals from.

under the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem, the consortium of 48 studios, technology and consumer hardware and software companies, announced today that they have agreed on an open format, dubbed Common File Format,

Standards are a good thing for things to move forward. After all look how consumer HD stalled with the HD-DVD & Blu-ray physical media format war. Once a "standard" [Blu-ray] was decided upon things moved forward in starting from February of 2008.
And most people will agree that digital downloads and VOD is the way of the future. It will change broadcast & cable TV and it will affect how the next Trek series's episodes will get to people.

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