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Re: Movies Seen in 2010

So, Me and Orson Welles. Very good. The Orson Welles is plainly too old for the role, but it's understandable why: If cast as a man of 22 he'd be too close to Zac Efron's age for the film to really work. Anyway, rather entertaining stuff. It's loud, breezy, enthusiastic, has all the joy and optimism of youth and a lot of the ballyhoo of, well, Hollywood (it is about a theatrical production of Julius Caesar, but never mind?) The Joe Cotton and Lloyd Bridges are downright uncanny, no doubt a mixture of good casting and an excellent hair stylist. As a study of Welles as a brilliant but manipulative and tempestuous egoist, well, it's a damn fine movie.

Seraphine. Solid, engaging biopic about the washerwoman painter. This film pretty much makes itself and was a nice little joy to watch. Yolande Moreau excellent in title role, wonderfully empathetic, posessed, not without her own wry sense of humour - but also servile and sadly deranged when the story requires it. Very classically stoically French in a Robert Bresson sort of way.

Also I saw Avatar again. I've opined about it elsewhere, but yeah, while I'd concur with most of the film's flaws, I just enjoy the damn thing too much.
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