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Re: Frank Darabont's The Mist *SPOILERS*

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I HATED the ending. It was a freaking IDIOT plot ending. How MANY abandoned cars with tanks FULL of gas did they drive past? How many abandoned GAS stations? These people were NOT stupid and they did NOT wish to die. Yes, I can accept that in a moment of crisis after so much trial that they might have lost hope. But it is unacceptable to me that these characters simply IGNORED the gas needle creeping toward "empty" as they drove mile after mile after MILE along major highway and doubtless through towns and cities (conveniently NOT shown) to run their tanks dry in a godforsaken remote location with no hope of finding fuel. It was stupid and purposefully not shown because in the minds of most audience's what you don't see on screen doesn't matter and makes no difference. It bugs me that there was NO WAY these characters could get where they went without passing probably THOUSANDS of opportunities for fuel, yet they didn't bother.

Then, the gimmick ending which was telegraphed a hundred miles away annoyed me to no end. I much preferred King's original ambiguous yet HOPEFUL ending.
They were afraid to leave the car, even for a few minutes, after what they saw in previous few days. I think they lost the last bits of hope when they saw that giant animal crossing their path.

I loved this film and the ending.
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