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Re: Okay, how should I follow Twitter?

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But hey, if you want to hear/read about when people farting, playing Farm Wars to level 3000, when (*gasp*) Tila Tequila gets pregnant, or some such silliness -- go right ahead. IDIC, right?
Well, no. IDIC is not usually posted at the end of a bunch of off-base stereotypes used as insults.

It would sound kind of rude if I said "Star Trek fan, eh? Well, as long as you enjoy being a 35-year-old virgin living in your mom's basement, go right ahead. IDIC, right? :-)"

The IDIC kind of comes off sarcastic in that case.

That's probably not accurate, right? Likewise I have never done any of the things you listed as social media "staples."
To each his own, man... That's how I define IDIC.

So, let's just agree to disagree, okay? Not here to pick a fight with you. *sheesh*

FOReWARneD is Forearmed.

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