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The Problems of Remastering TNG, DS9 & VOY

I recently read somewhere that it's unlikely that TNG, DS9 & VOY will ever be released in remastered formats for Bluray due to cost and technical reasons. One person on a random fourm stated that
DS9 like many pre HD era TV shows was shot on film but edited on video. Not just the effects. Meaning The masters are on video. The best resolution you will get is 480i. They would have to go back and found ALL the original film footage, rescanned it in HD and redid ALL the FX. What would they do if they can't find all the footage? Just upscale the missing bits? Would look awful and mismatched.
Is this true? Does anybody know the exact film and equipment used for the filming and production of TNG, DS9 & VOY? Is there any chance of these shows ever being remastered considering all of the obstacles?
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