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Okay, how should I follow Twitter?

I've never gotten into Twitter. Sure I put TrekToday and CSI Files on there, but I've never used it myself. The one time I tried it, I hated it because I was just getting the general stream and didn't understand how to use it.

But I relent... there's enough people on there now to interest me in following some people.

Normally I enjoy research and trying programmes etc. but not today! I just can't really be bothered for a whole separate thing to follow, I'd like (if possible) to weave it into my general web trafficery. So what would you recommend for me to follow a few people on Twitter, and maybe do the odd reply tweet?

I have a computer.
I have an iPhone.
I have Trillian.

if I can find a unifed way to follow amongst the above, that'd be useful.


P.S. Peter Serafinowicz was the tipping point, and has made me want to get involved.
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