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Re: One bigass ret-Khan they would need to do...

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I'll try to explain my point one more time: It's a total waste, IMO, to take the clean slate Abrams has laid out and use it to just re-jigger stories that have already been told. If you want to see The Wrath of Khan or Space Seed, those stories are already available.
It's not a clean slate. It's Star Trek. And Star Trek has it's established lore. If you want to ignore every character and every story that's come before it, why not just make a completely different scifi series all together?

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Wouldn't it be more fun and exciting if the folks making the movies took full advantage of this rather than re-hash a 42 year old tv episode, or a 25 year old movie that you've already seen?
But they did. They rehashed everything. They just made it different.

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Yes, the movie did involve familar character we already know, but we saw them doing new things. We'd never seen a story about how the crew of the Enterprise met on screen. Now we have. We hadn't seen Kirk facing the Kobyashi Maru Test, now we have.
And you think that was an element that was significantly lacking in the original series? I'm sure the old Kirk would have been much more acceptablie and (quoting JJ) 'cooler' if there was more sexual harassment.

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Do you understand my point now?
Ya. You don't want Star Trek in Star Trek. I get that. If anything has been done before, don't do it no matter how different you want to make it. What's next? You want to say that all the aliens from every series except for the ones seen in Trek09 don't exist anymore simply because they would be a rehash of previous stories? Most illogical.
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