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Re: Star Trek: Restoration - Onyx

Hi all,

Well finally back on the web. Have hopes of a new chapter being up by tonight.

So cool to see all of the debate going on about Colin and his actions, am really flattered that he made such an impact!



Glad you don't hate Colin. I really enjoy writing for him, mainly because he is such a woman's man. And yes, he did find fitting in in Starfleet difficult, although as his actions proved in the last volume, he did believe in the uniform and the good Starfleet do.

He will be a complicating factor, and his role is going to become more and more important as the negotiations go on - whether he wants it to or not!

As to Williams and her loyalties and augment or not augment status... We'll be getting a lot more about her in the next chapter!

Ah deliciously entangled and complicated situations... Got to love 'em!


Hey los! Glad I could brighten your Boxing Day for you! Yes, you can expect a chapter on that dinner Sarine mentioned, which will be interrupted in a most unexpected way. As to Kalara and her husband's presence... Actually, no, they won't be there. That doesn't mean we won't see a Damien/Colin/Dax team-up somewhere down the line though...

Hope you had a terrific New Year too!

As to the whole Colin Groves debate… I like your take on Colin, that his constant flirting and insiduousness is actually down to the fact that if he was upfront about it, he would get his ass handed to him by the women he is attracted to. He is definitely attracted to strong women, and this is his way of dealing with that. I also would love to see the result of Colin hitting on Kalara – she would so kick his ass, and then Damien would thump him!

And Colin as Curzon – I hadn’t really thought about him like that, but I guess why not!


Yes, Colin has made quite a stir on this thread, didn't expect him to as much! Glad you also find him likeable. And yes, his storyline with Williams is going to be veeeery important.


Wow, so totally did not expect Colin to be such a polemising character. I never really saw him as a lech, just a guy who can’t avoid flirting with the pretty women he meets. He doesn’t have any bad motives behind it, at least not that he’s told me about! J

I suppose your knowing people like this has probably had an effect. Still, I’ve taken your POV into account in the way certain other characters see and react to him, so it’s all to the good.

And how can you not like Curzon?!! (just kidding!)
Yes, the web is still very snarled. I’m just wondering whether eveyone has realised who exactly Astrid is and what her role is – all the clues are there, but…

Count Zero

Thanks for the comment. No, Williams was not established as an Augment spy in the previous volume. Of course, that doesn’t mean she isn’t… More on that in the next chapter.


Thanks so much! So glad you enjoyed that, as well as the little hook. There is a lot of story to go through before we get back to that scene, I’ll try and make it as entertaining as possible, though!!!

And as for the doctor reference… more on that in two chapters time!

Well, more up tonight hopefully,

Hope you all had great holiday period!

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