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Re: Sigils and Unions: Catacombs of Oralius--The Desolate Vigil

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Good as ever, of course. I like the tribal culture you're developing here; it's always nice to see different cultures and subcultures in sci-fi, and I like thinking about how these people relate to urbanized "mainstream" Cardassians as you present them. They are certainly convincing, and I look forward to seeing more comparisons with the culture Dukat is used to.
Thanks! I figured that in a version of Cardassia where the government never took a repressive turn, that much greater diversity was pretty much a given. The other really awesome thing about writing this is just how LONG a time span Cardassian history covers, in comparison to ours. The Cataclysm occurred 500 years ago, and is like medieval/renaissance history in terms of chronological distance. Entire histories and traditions were born (or added to) in that time, yet they were probably at an Earth early 22nd-century level of technology then.

I figured in that kind of world, you'd have some people who chose to maintain their tribal lifestyles for any number of reasons...and I think the experience of the Cataclysm reinforced their decision, as far as they were concerned. When the deserts spread, they simply migrated with it; their lifestyle was adapted to it already and not disrupted like that of the city dwellers.

That said, they haven't forgotten the other part of their heritage, either. That's why they passed down the language as a sort of inheritance for all of their children, and they don't see the city dwellers as inferior. After all, you can't put down your own cousins!

Dukat as a character continues to remain engaging, though I am anxious to see what happens to his family. Of course, for all I know he'll never find out....
The fog of war really sucks for those who are in it. :-/

And I'm glad you like AU Dukat. I hope you feel like he has the same genetics, even though he's been raised so differently and made such different choices!

Sorry my review is so short; I have very little internet time at present. Next week, I can write something more substantial.
Not a problem!
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