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Re: Who would you want to play the captain in Trek series 6

I always thought that Paramount missed the boat with Insurrection.

Whether or not you liked the movie (I, personally, thought it was about 10x better than "Star Trek," but, I digress) it did present what could have been an interesting springboard for a new series had they looked forward instead of backward with Enterprise.

Insurrection nicely set up a series that could have revolved around an internal rift within the Federation. Rather than looking for a new enemy for them to face, they could have had a civil war or sorts.

The show could have focused on stories involving a couple of new crews, integrating the crews from the various TNG era shows. Rotating the story lines to focus on different crews and battles. Would perhaps make it more interesting and might make it easier to sign certain actors if they only needed to film a half dozen or so episodes a season, rather than 20+.

It could have been done with a DS9 sort of edge. Perhaps even darker, ala BSG or SG-U.

The series could have ended with a mini-series (maybe 4 part for a total of 8 hours), gathering the respective crews for their final battle.

Basically taking the feel of the final season of DS9 and expanding it for a couple of season run.
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