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Re: Movies Seen in 2010

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Braindead - one of the films Peter Jackson made in New Zealand before someone in Hollywood gave him tons of money to make LOTR. This movie is so idiotic, disgusting and bloody that it turns into a great black comedy, with romance, family values and zombies. Featuring a priest who kicks ass for the Lord, nazi veterinarian, zombies having sex, zombies being chopped by a lawnmower and a zombie baby put in blender, among other such things.
I enjoyed this movie a lot too (more than "Lord of the Rings" even). The only thing I didn't like about it is how ugly it was. I don't mean anything that happens in it. I enjoyed all the over-the-top gore. I just mean it looked really cheap in terms of the cinematography. Poor film school student cheap.

I know it was low budget, but of all the early low budget movies of directors who would go on to greatness, this was the cheapest-looking one of all. The Evil Dead movies looked pristine compared to this. But that's only a minor complaint. I still enjoyed the movie thoroughly from start to finish. The lawnmower scene and the scene with the baby in the park are classic.
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