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FINAL POLL - 2nd Chance for 1-Shot Wonders

Book him, Dan-O!

The last challenge of 2009 speaks volumes - literally! The Lensman had it covered when he challenged us to create book covers for times that told the tales of one-shot wonders, characters who came and went in 42 minutes. If print is dead, these folks don't know it yet - we got more entries than we've probably had all year! It appears everyone wants to know the same thing: what happened next?

With so many to choose from, it seems unfair to ask you to vote for only one, so figure out which two will be on your bedside table for late night reading, and cast your votes. Maybe you can tell a book by its cover!


Captain Robert April

Flux Capacitor



The Lensman

Mr. Cellophane


The Galllifreyan Sith

Will's Babe
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