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Re: "Planet of the Titans" Revisited


Don't get me wrong Rob, I agree totally with you in that regard. I just wish that they could've made a movie in one of the two following ways:

1. With the new cast, do a proper 'pilot' or origin story, that would've been in keeping with the original timeline. Start the story with Kirk as a young officer serving on board the Farragut or as XO of the ship he previously served on just prior to being promoted to captain. Wrap that around the very beginning of the 5YM and a story that truly did explore strange new worlds.

-or -

2. A story that literally picked up where TOS left off, a mission set at the beginning of Year 4. A new movie franchise could've explored those missing two years, with stand-alone stories that could've been told without having to incorporate every single bit of Trek lore into them. Hell, Trek novelists have been doing it for decades.

That's just my wish. I understand the logic of creating the Abramsverse, but I just wish that it felt a bit more like TOS.
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