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Lord Garth
Re: Earth: The Final Conflict -- is it any good?

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In this case, Sandoval, played by Von Flores. Mr. Flores is Filipino, so you will not have seen him, but he makes the show worth watching in seasons two through four.
Crap. I wish you didn't say that.

For the past three years I've been developing a script. I took on a partner a year-and-a-half ago who's indicated that one of the characters I'm writing is similar to Sandoval.

That's part of what prompted me to watch the series. That and I gave Andromeda a shot 10 years ago (only watched half the first season), so why shouldn't I give Earth: The Final Conflict a chance too?

For a while, Gene Roddenberry was like the Tupac Shakur of sci-fi.
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