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Re: Star Wars: The Clone Wars New Year's Day Double Featue

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"Grievous Intrigue" was excellent, with a terrific script by Ben Edlund. Grievous has never been more impressive as a character. He was actually an intelligent foe here, anticipating the Jedi's moves and keeping a step ahead of them, making him a worthy challenge.
But in the end he lost his ship and his Jedi prisoner. You know, the one he could have killed but chose not to. Just like almost every other time we've seen him.

In the course of this series, how many Jedi has he actually killed? One padawan? And how many ships has he lost? (Especially counting Malevolence.) How long can we take him seriously if he always gets his shiny metal ass handed to him?

But the other plot with Rex and the deserter clone Cut was excellent. It's always cool when the show personifies the clones and explores their point of view and existential issues. It's actually kind of disturbing that the clones aren't allowed to leave the army.
And now there's a new meaning to the phrase "Cut and run."
What do you mean, ironic?
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