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Re: Star Wars: The Clone Wars New Year's Day Double Featue

I thought that they were both pretty good episodes, particularly the first one although it was a bit anti-climatic given that we know that they aren't going to get Greivous and, of course, Kenobi isn't going to die either. I initially wondered if the Jedi who had gotten captured was going to die but, of course, he didn't. I thought it was humorous when the droid kept trying to grab his arm to kill the Jedi but eventually ended up getting sliced by Anakin.
The second episode was a little more interesting- seeing another clone deserter- although, as somebody already pointed out here, this had already kind of been touched on in S1 ("The Hidden Enemy"). I was a bit confused how the deserter's children already seemed so old given that the Clone Wars lasted for 3 years and that he apparently deserted following the events of AOTC which- AFAIK- was only 1-2(?) years prior to this episode. Maybe Twi'leks age faster?
Minor point but it's not like SW isn't riddled with continuity errors (doesn't make me like the movies/stories any less, however).
Does anybody know what's up for next week? They didn't have a preview after the episode.
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