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Re: Star Wars: The Clone Wars New Year's Day Double Featue

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Thanks for the head's up. The Grievous episode sounds like it could be fairly formulaic,
It was, and a bit of a throw back to last season, other than Grievous saying he doesn't care about politics, only killing Jedi. Most of us knew that already.

Despite their efforts to the contrary, Kenobi's fight with Grievous makes his defeat in ROTS actually seem less special. I mean, Obi-Wan almost had him there, with Grievous having droids as back-up.

I thought maybe Eeth Koth would die. Or we'd see Adi Gallia go the planet she eventually dies on, except that's Stass Allie who dies on Saleucami. Gallia dies in a comic book.

Instead, Koth is saved at the cost of more clones and another ship.

but the clone deserter one sounds interesting. I hope they touch on the fact that the clones are essentially slaves regardless of the fact that the Jedi are relatively benevolent masters, and don't come up with some silly alternate reason for the clone to want to desert that doesn't tackle that major issue head-on.
They touched on the "clones are slaves" in last season's episode "The Hidden Enemy", when a clone turns traitor (it was a prequel to The Clone Wars movie) out just such a motivation.

I think Kut deserted because he just wanted some tail. And he certainly got some.

Okay, they overused commando droids, which seem much more effective than other models, except when attacking a farmer and an injured clone captain. They really should've use regular battle droids...especially given the number of them. And how did the deserter even know about commando droids if he deserted after the events of AOTC? None were present there (I'm sure EU can retcon that, but that would be a bit whorish.)

The Deserter was still the better of the two episodes.
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