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Re: Marvel Teases Year of Spider-Man

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With Spidey, I'm inclined to think that we'll see the formation of a new love triangle between MJ, Peter, and Carly Cooper...
God help Carly Cooper then, because MJ has decades of character development, one bad plot aching to be reversed, and massive cross-media exposure. Carly Cooper has ... well, a lack of those things.
Sort of like how MJ was just "that flighty girl" when Gwen Stacey was around...
No denying that Cooper could become more interesting over time, but the situations are different.

Gwen was introduced in December 1965, MJ in November 1966 (although she was mentioned before her first full appearance). So Gwen didn't have "decades" on MJ, but MJ has forty years on Cooper.

MJ benefitted directly from the era's big controversial plot; the "Death of Gwen Stacy" caused MJ to grow in a relatively natural way. Cooper was one of a dozen characters dropped into the Spidey universe all at once after OMD, and has thus far not been a break-out character. arguably, none of the new characters have been break-out.

What I meant by cross-media exposure was the three films, manga versions of the Spider-man story, video game appearances, etc. When Wizard reported on the image we're talking about, they thought Parker was kissing MJ -Carly wasn't mentioned. That's how ingrained MJ is. That's all I was getting at. If Marvel wants Carly Cooper to be Spider-man's main squeeze, they have their work cut out for them.
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