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Re: The Sorrows of Empire - Expanded version

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I got my customary 2 copies from Amazon on Monday or Tuesday (one to read, another for "the collection.")

I've read the first chapter but I'm having a little trouble getting into it -- even though when I read the original version about 18 months ago I was completely wrapped up in it from the first sentence. (Killer first line, Mr. Mack!)

Perhaps my memories of reading the original version are still too vivid. Reading this version has a slight "been there - done that" feeling. I think to be fair to the expanded version I need to wait a few more years and try again once the memories of the shorter version have dimmed.

Maybe I'll wait until Rise Like Lions is published and read them back-to-back. Yeah, that's the ticket!
Well, according to David Mack Rise Like Lions is only a possibility, not a 100% certainty. Here's a quote from the thread devoted to that topic.
David Mack wrote: View Post
^ Well, this is where I mea culpa: I was supposed to take that out at editing and I forgot.

Bottom line: though I have proposed such a project, it has not yet been approved by CBS or Pocket or in any way contracted for. When I wrote the About the Author page on the expanded version of The Sorrows of Empire, neither I nor Margaret had any idea she was soon to be laid off, and she had been keen to acquire Rise Like Lions.

It's my hope I will get to move forward on the project this year, but this is a case in which I, quite simply, spoke too soon. I apologize to my readers, and to my editors and publisher for the confusion.
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