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Re: How do Niners feel about Voyager?

I don't like Voyager.

I get extremely bored watching it.

The lack of any character development (maybe a little bit for Seven and the Doc but that is about it) and ongoing story whatsoever, combined with the lack of conflict, combined with abandoning the premise by the end of the first episode, combined with the stories themselves being dreadfully boring and having little to no artistic merit (ie: holodeck love interests, singing clown etc. etc.) destroys the potential of the show to have any entertainment value for me.

I do not see what is good about Voyager, other than a couple of very, very rare diamonds in the rough which are excellent episodes, like Think Tank and The Void. The excellent episodes are so few, and buried under so many unentertaining episodes, that IMO it is like they are excellent in spite of being Voyager episodes rather than because of being Voyager episodes.

I would make almost exactly the same criticism for TNG as well, which IMO has the same flaws is no better than Voyager.

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