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Re: One bigass ret-Khan they would need to do...

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Why is it that a lot of people are so anti re-hashing of characters and story yet they welcome Trek09 with open arms and delight? Isn't Trek09 for all intents and purposes a REHASH of an existing Star Trek story and characters?! You could say that the only thing Star Trek about Trek09 was the constant rehashes of character lines and traits.

I just find this whining for new material to be silly because that is not what we're going to get as long as we have Kirk, the Enterprise and crew. You may toss them something they've never encountered before, but it's still a rehash no matter how different it is because it's the same story and characters.

I guess if you want something new, you should have asked for either a new crew all together.

I disagree. The problem isn't in having the same characters. The problem is taking those characters into new stories and situations.

I think the abrams movie made a good start to this. Kirk and and Crew are still recognizably the same characters for the most part, but enough differences have been introduced to make things somewhat unpredictable.

There is no point in simply retelling the same stories we've already seen in the 79 episodes of TOS when we've been given a clean slate, for all intents and purposes, by the new ST being set in an alternate timeline.
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