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Re: One bigass ret-Khan they would need to do...

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JJ Abrams has finally put Trek in the correct timeline - ours!
Well, if Trek09 is going to represent what you think Star Trek should be from here on out, you can stay in your time line for all I care.

I am curious though. What did it for you? The constant bickering and shouting that passes for development? The sexual harassing? A Federation devoid of equality between genders? Important pieces of Trek lore destroyed/ignored? All the lead characters being unlikable a**holes? The wafer thin story filled with cut out character motives that are hardly expanded upon? The out of place and out of nowhere romance that adds nothing to the characters or the story? Turning the Enterprise into a "Hot Rod" thing? Glorifying Earth as the center piece of all Star Trek instead of "where no one has gone before"? The lack of alien looking aliens? The concrete floored and screwed down steel beam sets with knob riddled pipes, suspended light fixtures and constant steam blowing vents?

I'm having a difficult time understanding why this universe is more appealing than the old one.

And as for Khan's rule being shifted to the 21st century instead of the 20th century? Here's one. It's a fictional story. They have their universe, we have ours. I mean, honestly. When 2063 comes around and there was no World War III, no warp flight ect, should we change everything around in the Trek universe? Just leave the established facts alone. So what if there was no Eugenics War in real life? All that does is establish that the story is what it is. A work of fiction.
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