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Re: "Planet of the Titans" Revisited

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Do another stand-alone movie in the same universe. I think they could have used TITANS as the reboot film, and if they wanted to hold Kirk & co back for more pics, they could have done this with April's crew. Intro the ST universe anew, instead of tearing the ST universe down to create this diluted and dumbassed, piss-ant mix of STARSHIP TROOPERS and LucasLand.
...which made lots of money and attracted a younger crowd like my daughter. JJ did exactly what was needed to insure TREK's survival..and, IMO, he succeeded and i cant' wait for more...

HAVING said that, I can understand those who don't like this version of TREK jj is we just have to agree to disagree

If that is the price of survival ... well, the best way I can explain my point of view is that I'd've rather had no Bond movies between THUNDERBALL and THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS than suffer through all those Moore pics.
Then you'd miss out on the excellent On Her Majesty's Secret Service.
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