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Re: Broadcasters' woes could spell trouble for free TV

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I said FU to the cable people when I moved into my new house, no way am I spending that much money on shit programming. I buy DVDs of the shows I like.

This year I'm going to do the same with the phone company - $32/month for the absolute base service is a joke. I'll take the $6/month hit and switch to dry loop DSL then just get a pay as you go personal cell (I currently use my business cell for all my cellular needs).

So what do you use for basic phone service?
I dropped my landline as well once I could get a 3G signal to my house. No sense paying two phone bills.

What if the battery runs dry or something?

Recharge the battery. Duh. Believe it or not, there are times when the phone company (landline) experiences outages and problems.

And how will you make sure that the kids don't fuck around with the phone using it all of the time?
Sorry, I don't have a cell phone, that's why I asked.

Myself, I've got a bundle from Ma Bell (Internet, satellite TV, basic phone) and I'm content with that. But just for info's sake, what is a 3G signal, and why is it better than a land line?

EDIT: Oh, and by the way, I'd suggest stocking up on as much DVD's of your favorite show as you can-when the new tax takes shape in June, you won't be able to buy as much as you're used to.
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