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Re: "Planet of the Titans" Revisited

Tell me you didn't re-animate this long dead thread just to again plug the trailer for this thing. Interesting as it might be, it's got nothing to do with "Planet of the Titans".
Your slightly acrimonious comment is interesting, and a little perplexing, considering I've been interested in POTT long before 'your thread' existed. Not to mention ATTH was referenced by others in 'your thread' several times prior to my post. A post which if you read, mentioned a little more than a 'plug' for said ATTH trailer.

Possibly the fact ATTH was referenced here to begin with might have something to do with its relevance to POTT?

Threads topics do tend to slightly swerve somewhat on forums, so don't let that get you too perturbed my friend.

I imagine Data Holmes might agree with that deduction.

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I am so loving this thread. I love all the "treks not taken" stuff. Great job DS9Sega!

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James Shigeta was going to play Nogura if the Phase II series had progressed.
Where did you hear this? I know Shigeta played Nogura in a fan film called Yorktown II back in the late '80s or so; Starlog covered it, since it was apparently a pretty prominent fan film with involvement from many professionals including George Takei (with the filmmaker playing Sulu's son), Andrew Probert (who designed a Klingon scout ship for it), and composer Bill Conti. But I don't remember anything about Shigeta being slated for Phase II.
I so wish this would make it's way onto the internet already!!!
I suppose we should thank the power of the galactic internet. Who woulda thunk?

HAVING said that, I can understand those who don't like this version of TREK jj
There are actually a few discontented fans out there. Yet not enough to make any great changes. However, if there can be two Hulk films that aren't sequels...why not another version of Trek? I'd certainly be game

Realistically it won't happen, though one never knows…

I'm still waiting for EON to switch Bonds, bring back Ken Adam, John Barry, and get the rest of the production mix right...but thats another story for another forum.

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