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Re: TOS-Remastered: Fantastic, CGI: a waste of time

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I have these sets as well and they are remastered. If you look on the back of the cardboard packaging that it came in it says "..Beautifully remastered in pristine condition....
Your confusing terminology, Star trek Enhanced which we have now with the added CGI and in HD is whats being called remastered today and was only started in 2006, Remastered back in 2004 simply meant the episodes had been cleaned up somewhat in sound and picture by going back to the master tapes and adding 5.1 surround sound, those box sets have no added CGI in any of the episodes, if you do have these boxset then you have the original series without the added CGI effects, there is no way you can have those box set with the added CGI effects because enhanced Trek did not come onto being until 2006, two years after those box sets were released....Do you even have those box sets, if you did you would actually know this buy watching the shows on it.
I never said that these sets had CGI, I said that they were remastered. That statement is correct. Now I admit that I made this statement with tongue in cheek because I was making a point about people using the term remastered incorrectly. I know Star Trek fans mean "old SFX replaced with CGI" when they say "remastered".

If I tell you that I have Casablanca on blu-ray and that it's remastered will you think that it has CGI in it (or that I don't own it because it doesn't have CGI)? I think this is the problem with the incorrect use of this term. Remastered means the same thing today as it did five years ago. The only time this term is used incorrectly is in relation to Star Trek.
So while the OP and everybody else here were obviously discussing the new CGI Remastered Star trek you were personally discussing terminology in the most unclear fashion i have ever seen......well there you go.....although on the plus side you sort of inadvertently confirmed the latter part of the title of this thread which i find ironically funny.

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