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Re: Marvel Teases Year of Spider-Man

There's another section of the puzzle revealed with the Lizard featured. Yes Bendis has spoken in the past and recently that everything he has been working towards is leading to restoring the Marvel Universe and starting a new Golden Age.

a quick summary of DC's announced projects for 2010

-Dick as Batman for a continued undisclosed amount of time along with the Return of Bruce Wayne Mini-Series and a new status quo established by the end of the year.

-Superman and Batman Earth One graphic novel series
-Conclusion of Blackest Night (including post BN plans yet to be revealed)
-a new Flash ongoing written by Geoff Johns featuring Barry Allen
- Wonder Woman getting a 600th issue
-DC Legacies and new Who's Who series

Marvel known projects (that i'm aware of, feel free to add addtional info)
-The Year of Spider-Man
-Seige, the fall of Norman Osborn
-Avengers Reassembled (my own title for the return of the Avengers)
-Two Caps
-X-Men: Second Coming
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