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Re: "Planet of the Titans" Revisited

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...In reference to Shigeta as Nogura, and Sulu, the fan film trailer 'STA: A Time to Heal' is finally online.

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Tell me you didn't re-animate this long dead thread just to again plug the trailer for this thing. Interesting as it might be, it's got nothing to do with "Planet of the Titans".

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Are you may---beee confusing this with CLASH OF THE TITANS?
I think Robert means that as "Planet of the Titans" would have ended with the idea that Kirk and Company were the titans of old, and as the Titans were the fathers of the Greek Gods, wouldn't that make for a discontinuity with how said Greek gods were depicted in "Who Mourns for Adonais?"

If I am reading that correctly.
Yes...exactly..wouldn't that trump Adonis?

I never got that impression, though I certainly can't dispute it.
I thought the titans reference was a generic one, relating to some race that had been detected as an early force on Earth only in Kirk's time. But given what you folks say, it sounds more plausible with the titan/apollo business. And it is in keeping with Kaufmann's stated interest in mythology. He wanted to work in a lot of Stapledon SF as well. Kind of makes me wonder if Stapledon used titans.
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