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Re: Broadcasters' woes could spell trouble for free TV

Furthermore, if broadcast TV collapsed and mass entertainment like CSI & so forth had nowhere else to go but cable, might that squeeze out some of the niche programming that survives on cable now?
I could see there being a police-procedural specialty channel for the CSI's and L&O's - and there's already a reality-TV channel. Since there's apparently no limit to the number of cable/satellite channels, there's room for anything that has an audience. The real limitation is in the audience's attention - you don't have to hunt thru 500 channels to find CBS and ABC. When you do have to hunt for CSI, how many of its viewers will really bother? Police procedurals could end up being just another niche taste.

Maybe a better approach would be to encourage U.S productions to film in Canada or where Canadian actors can work in the U.S (I can imagine that produciton of BSG in Vancourver probably provide a fair bit of work for local production companies - set construction, catering etc).
The former already happens via tax credits (American states also do that to lure production away from Hollywood). Canadian actors of course will move to Hollywood if they think they can make it in the big time - actors from around the world have always done that.

But what does "Hollywood" mean when TV and movies are filmed all over the place, even when those places are wrong. One of my pet peeves is seeing a show that's supposed to be set in, say, New York or Kansas and it's obviously not being filmed there.

A story isn't just the characters and the plot, it's also the place. I like stories that have a strong sense of place and use it effectively (Invasion's use of Florida locations is a good example of this; Jericho's mountainous Kansas is an example of what not to do. At the very least, they can point the cameras away from the mountains, how lazy can you get? )

Netflix has been my lifeline. I've watched a lot of TV series I never would have seen before and caught up on tons of movies.
I might just move all my viewing to Netflix, too, except for TrekBBS! It's fun being able to yak about shows right after they air. The cable companies should give TrekBBS some of their revenues because otherwise, I would have bailed by now.
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