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Re: Broadcasters' woes could spell trouble for free TV

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I read about this yesterday and I had a question. What's the sports angle of this, specifically for the NFL. Other than a few shows (Glee, Survivor, 24, and The Amazing Race for starters), the only TV I really watch other than DVD is sports. Would hate to have to see something like the NFL go the route of Pay Per View or something like that. Thank god for NFL Redzone if that happens which is on cable.
Many of you here are too young to remember the days of just three, or even four channels, and your favorite show being pre-empted by some damned sports game. To this day, I love pissing off sports fans by telling them that shit belongs on cable -- specifically PAY TV. Fuck that noise. You want to watch your precious mindless bullshit sports then you should have to pay for it. Not everyone gives two shits about that crap.
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