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Re: Marvel Teases Year of Spider-Man

{Edit - shivkala, the way Geoff Johns writes him, Hal can be a bit of a jerk (imo) . But I think he has one of the coolest costumes too and both Ethan Van Sciver and also Alex Ross do very good covers of him. }

This got me wondering - what are the major stories that are supposed to happen in 2010?

Superman - Something about the battle of the supermen and more New Krypton stuff, I think.
Batman - More of Dick being Batman and also the Return of Bruce Wayne
WW - Not Sure. But it's going to go back to the old numbering and have a 600th issue.
GL - What happens after Blackest Night which is already drawing to a close?

Spider-Man - Year of Spider-Man and also maybe some stuff with Stormin' Norman!
X-Men - More Dark Reign stuff?
Avengers - Siege and The Fall of Norman Osborn
Captain America - Two Caps with both Bucky and Steve Rogers
Iron Man - This Legacies thing showcasing stories from different Iron Man eras

What did I miss?
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