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Re: Broadcasters' woes could spell trouble for free TV

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Lastly, it's not like CTV, Global or CityTV are bastions of Canadian content. Most content requirements are met by running the same episodes of Degrassi, Sue FBEye and Twice in a Lifetime (on CTV at least) over and over in the daytime, while running the big American shows (Law and Order, CSI, Grey's Anatomy) during primetime. Right now they're sloughing off the last of their yearly primetime requirements by playing a two hour CTV movie, two episodes of a Hills rip-off set in whistler, Corner Gas and Degrassi every night for the week between Christmas and New Years. They're not going to get big ratings then anyways. Canadian content is such a joke, treated with very thinly veiled cynicism by networks. The only one I see as being truly "Canadian" is the CBC.
Yes i've noticed that certain programs that had a fairly limited production run such as SueFBEye have a very high play rotation (not watched but seen listed when channel surfing).

Canada isn't like Australia which is isolated to does need to pump in a chunk of money for local production but much of that is local production companies and they frequently then sell over seas (though Australia should apologies for inflicting Neighbours and Home & Away on the world).

Maybe a better approach would be to encourage U.S productions to film in Canada or where Canadian actors can work in the U.S (I can imagine that produciton of BSG in Vancourver probably provide a fair bit of work for local production companies - set construction, catering etc).

The Borgified Corpse wrote: View Post
^Yeah. My dad hardly watches any TV. (Instead, he devours historical non-fiction like there's no tomorrow.) But he finally succumbed and subscribed to cable once they stopped showing regular Arizona Diamondbacks games on free TV. Beyond that, I don't think he watches much cable and most of what he does watch is reruns of Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Monk, & NCIS.

Marc wrote: View Post
I agree - governments should stop pissing away tax payer money on sports infrastructure for the benefit of the private sector.

Which incidentally gets the money from the TV rights none of which flows back to the tax payer.
And while the stadiums may be publicly owned, I think the teams are the ones who get all the revenue from the advertising within the facility.

Still an improvement on the situation in Australia where the stadiums are frequently owned by private bodies. Adelaide Oval which I mentioned above is wholly owned by the South Australian Cricket Association.

Furthermore, if broadcast TV collapsed and mass entertainment like CSI & so forth had nowhere else to go but cable, might that squeeze out some of the niche programming that survives on cable now?
Not necessarily.

There are plenty of channels and there's 24 hours a day - we could see much less repeats and more new programming.

Forgot to mention that the Australian FTA networks played hardball with the dominate paytv carrier. Foxtel was only allowed to rebroadcast the FTA networks over the cable (it used by satellite and HFC) and when it wanted to move to digital and rebroadcast the FTA networks digital signals it had to fork out a packet of money.

We were watching the same signal as on FTA such as the Adelaide ch9 feed, saw all the local ads but Foxtel had to pay yet it was to the FTA broadcaster advantage - they were included in the foxtel package when meant that people in poor reception areas could actually watch the FTA networks.
Go Bluejays.
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