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Re: Marvel Teases Year of Spider-Man

I had a brief Spider-Man phase when JMS took over the title, but shortly after issue #50 (whatever the renumbering was), I got bored with the title and gave it up (a good bit before the whole Gwen/Norman thing, so I guess I had good timing). The bits I've seen of the "Brand New Day" stories haven't made me want to get the character. I know the original thought was "Geeky protagnoist means the reader can identify with them," but I think that's why I like Hal Jordan so much. I didn't want to identify with the geek who got powers, I wanted to pretend I was the macho guy who got powers.

I do have to laugh when companies declare "The Year Of..." because more times than not, it's the other characters in the company's stable who shine during the year, not the one the company picked. DC's tried several "Year of Superman" campaigns, but other characters, such as Green Lantern, Flash, etc. have always come out with better stuff and generated more interest.
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