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Re: Marvel Teases Year of Spider-Man

I don't quite know what to make of this Year of Spider-Man thing they have. I think it's more of the same - they have established the new status quo - single Spidey, plenty of action and so on already. Now they can execute and deliver on all the stories that they thought they couldn't do cos he was married. Why would it be any different?

Maybe the only other thing that could happen is that towards the end of 2010, Spidey will again go steady with MJ.

Coming to your question about DC vs. Marvel - I confess that I'm feeling more interested in some of Marvel's items - specifically The Siege and also the two Captain Americas. I am not too sure of what to make of DC's stuff - I really don't care about Earth One - I guess until I see what they plan to deliver. I am not interested in New Krypton. I am interested in the Return of Bruce Wayne but I just don't see how there can be a Bruce Wayne and somebody else (however good he is) being Batman. Maybe two Batmans? Also with Blackest Night winding down, things will become kinda open on the GL front.
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