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Re: Cast the Characters of Trek Literature

^Agreed. That's why I said:

"If she's like Gandhi, which would be most likely were she living in Calcutta today, then she would be with the saffron robe and the red spot on her head. I don't see that."

I guess, on re-reading, that's kind of blurry thinking. My apologies. The robes of an initiate are only for those who have taken vows of renunciation and who have been sponsored by another renunciate, etc. It was a misleading image. I was only putting it there to say this is NOT an image of her, by way of contrast.

I liked when you said:

"My mental image of Jasminder is based on a real person, a counselor who helped me deal with a difficult problem once. She looked sort of like an Indian equivalent of Marjean Holden, tall, strong, and regal. Or at least that's how I remember her."

I really haven't warmed up to the character at all, but this person who you had in mind sounds great.

I just want you to know that, although the Hindu culture as we see it from the West seems to be inclusive, it is not. People like Chopra and Yogananda are that way, but the vast majority of the Hindi who still live in India are traditional and conservative and are very exclusive and are not in the least bit tolerant of Western cultural influences. They throw things at couples holding hands in the public park on Valentine's Day, for instance. And a woman I worked with was "called home" to basically be thrown into a marriage that was arranged by her father. The back streets of Calcutta in the 21st century are disturbing to contemplate.

It is the Roddenberry vision that we have solved these problems by the time Jasminder Choudhury is the Security Chief of the Enterprise-E, and I think it's wise to make her think more like Deepak Chopra than the current Hindu norm, because that may be part of the path between the current sad reality and the future Roddenberry envisioned.

So anyway, thanks for the input. GTTS is a good read, and maybe I will eventually warm up to Choudhury. I like T'Ryssa Chen a lot, so I'm glad I decided to read this before Destiny.
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