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Re: TOS-Remastered: a waste of time

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Thank you to the makers of TOS-R. Ignore the comments of the "armchair special effects experts" who are posting here
As an amateur filmmaker who worked in 16mm and super8, I have done hundreds of effects shots, all in-camera, some quite successful.

As a professional writer covering the fields of visual effects and cinematography for 19 years (including 4 of the TREK movies), I think I have a faint idea of what I'm talking about.

If you choose to disagree, fine, but don't try to undercut the opinion of others by lowballing their tastes/talents when you don't know their creds.

Since you refuse to give any examples of anything you've done, no one really knows your "creds" either.

Either way, it is obvious to anyone with a working pair of eyes what looks good in HD and what doesn't. At the end of the day, everyone is going to have an "opinion" about it, whether they know what it is they're talking about or not.

Since both versions are available on Blu-ray, this discussion is pretty much rendered academic.
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