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Re: Cast the Characters of Trek Literature

Thanks. That's a lot of good info.

I immersed myself in most of that Hindu material for a few years while I was making a study of George Harrison's solo work. In the 19th century and through to the present day there was a movement to be inclusive, as you point out, among certain popular sects, but these people are actually the minority. We in the West see a lot of them (self-realization, for example, or the writings of Deepak Chopra) and naturally we take them to be the norm, but they are actually the exception. That whole Hare Krishna movement that Harrison was part of is actually traditional, not ecumenical.

In Autobiography of a Yogi, the saffron robes are discussed. It's not just Buddhists, Hindu monks wear saffron or ocher, depending on their order. The text of this entire book is online, though who knows what help it might be.

I was actually referring to the tilaka, not the bindi. I think she might wear it on occasion.

Anyway, no, I'm not mixing my semiotics. But I can see that the mental model for Jasminder Choudhury is sort of like Deepak Chopra, and that would be how she could discuss Buddhist ideas and Islam at the same time, while still being essentially Hindu.

In Star Trek, it is up to individuals to carry on their cultural traditions, and many do. Still, some colonies are built by people who have a desire to preserve their traditional cultures. It seems like she is of the first type, and is clearly of the ecumenical bent.

Thanks, again. Good stuff.
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