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Jeff Bond's review of the movie is up now at One remark of his in particular captures much of what is true, and different, about this Trek movie:

Star Trek films have been hit and miss, but even as I’ve enjoyed some of them there’s an acknowledgment that I have never gotten what I’ve wanted from these movies—because what I’ve wanted is to re-experience the thrill I got out of watching the wonderful character moments in episodes like “Journey to Babel” and “Amok Time”—while seeing the Trek characters in a MOVIE with the kind of scope, action and drama I was used to seeing from the post-Star Wars era. And as heretical as it is to say this, that was never possible while watching the original cast do their Trek movies. As much as I loved those people, as good as they still were at what they did, it required a frustrating act of faith to watch old men and women trying their best to fit into the uniforms and chairs they inhabited decades earlier. The movie series had to jump through hoops to keep poor Sulu sitting at the helm as an old man while Spock—a Vulcan with a lifespan of hundreds of years—looked 20 years older than everyone around him, his father included. Gallivanting around the universe is a game for the young, and what I wanted was to see those heroes again in their prime. That’s what struck me when I was watching this movie—that I was finally seeing what I wanted a Star Trek movie to be.
This seems to capture more of what the author "felt" than anything factual about the film, and although TrekMovie must be unfailingly positive to keep their corporate support, this does not mean that their articles and other writing is always deceptively enthusiastic. Some truth can be almost certainly be found there.

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For me, the Kelvin sequence was perfectly executed...
Seriously, what standards of perfection are you using? This Kelvin scene failed mine by a light year!

I want to know whether the nonsensical dialog is of concern? What about blinding viewscreen images from stuff "out of visual range"? Bridge command and crew ignoring StarFleet's primary exploration mission? George Kirk's magical phaser powers to hit torpedoes from the future with a ship that's exploding? His useless suicide after all controls are offline? The Narada being unwilling to do ANYTHING to stop a collision with a ship moving at pitiful, *impulse* speeds while George rambles on the com to his wife? A chief engineer who has "never seen anything like" a warp drive that is "knocked out"? C'mon.

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