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I am really interested in opinions from those that had massive reservations about the canon being changed etc etc. What they thought of it, and if JJ abrams some felt were really destroying what they knew of Star Trek?
My objections were not so much with "change" per se, but rather what and how the changes were made. It was about 10 seconds into the film before I wondered: Why is the Kelvin reporting on "the looks” of some “it” which is “out of visual range” and implying lightning storms produce gravitational anomalies?

The film is replete with examples of shamefully shoddy writing, betraying the creators' lack of concern for general science or audience intelligence - and the treatment of women in the film is appalling.

To answer directly re: my opinion? This trek is a beautifully rendered, profit-maximizing travesty.

Captain Robert April wrote: View Post
It's irritating, given the plot holes big enough to drive a planet killer through.
Agree 100%, with good acting, casting and cool effects unable to salvage this disaster.

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Captain Robert April wrote: View Post
Kirk also goes to the Academy about eight years earlier in the original timeline and is an experience, seasoned officer by the time he's assigned command of the Enterprise, whereas in this case, we're talking the "Top Gun" school of "rising through the ranks on the merits of being a smokin' hot bad boy!"
If you have watched this movie then could you be more specific about which scenes you disapprove of? If you have not seen this movie then your opinion is worthless.

I think almost every scene has problems, but let's test my theory: If someone would like to pick a scene, I'll check it for problems to which a reasonably alert viewer might have objections.

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